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NOTICE: April 17, 2014 Retiree Health Education & Enrollment Event

NOTICE: City of Detroit new Health Care Settlement Agreement

Financial professional job description

Enrollment Assistance Flyer for the Affordable Care Act

Retiree Health Care Plan Letter  Retiree Health Care Plan   

Retiree Spectera Vision Coverage

Detroit Pension Funds File Lawsuit to Block Bankruptcy Filing

MISSION STATEMENT: To effectively manage the resources of the Retirement Systems to provide essential services to all active employees and retirees.

The Retirement Systems of the City of Detroit are comprised of two (2) separate systems; (1) the General Retirement System and (2) the  Police and Fire Retirement System. Each system is governed by a Board of Trustees. Valuable information, as it pertains to members of each Retirement System, can be found on the respective pages. Follow the links to learn more about the Retirement Systems of the City of Detroit.

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